Opening the page for #openlearning17…

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This blog’s initial reasons for existing are contingent and instrumental. Its purpose will evolve over time, undoubtedly, but for the moment, it is primarily intended as a tool for participating in the Open Learning 17 cMOOC.

Currently on sabbatical, I have spent a great deal of time thinking about teaching, learning, education. I am hopeful that these reflections will help me better support my students’ learning and allow me to empower and equip them — and myself — for living and working in the twenty-first century. Despite cultural and political forces to the contrary, I am hopeful than openness — open exchange, open access, clarity about power relationships, verifiable accuracy in the public record, freedom of connection, freedom of speech, open-mindedness — will provide humanity with the tools it needs to better understand our universe, to help us build more effective, more helpful, more constructive and more sustainable societies across the planet that allow all human beings, indeed, the biosphere as a whole, to survive in diversity and to thrive.

Open learning, connected learning, collaborative learning, critical learning are all part of what I hope will be an emergent paradigm that points toward increasingly collaborative, satisfying, peaceful and sustainable human cultures. It is not an exaggeration to say that I believe that the long-term survival of Homo sapiens sapiens and of all sentient species depends on a radical shift that must include changes in dominant notions of education and learning.


2 thoughts on “Opening the page for #openlearning17…

  1. Hello and welcome to #openlearning17! I’m Laura Gogia, the connected learning coach for the experience. I’ll be stopping by everyone’s blogs from time to time…not so much to comment on post content per se (although there is a lot of good stuff in your’s :)) as to focus on how you are making connections across time, people, disciplines, and contexts as part of your learning. I provide feedback and encouragement around the use of digital affordances (e.g. hyperlinks, embedded images and videos) for making these thought-connections explicit…something that helps you in terms of keeping a record of your processes and takes your audience right along with you through the maze of emerging knowledge. I comment and assist on aesthetics and proper image citation too – since all of this is a part of digital expression and accessibility. It’s a pleasure to meet you and I hope our paths will cross again soon!

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  2. Hi Laura. Thanks for your comments. For the moment, I’m sticking with mostly text, but I’ll eventually work in images and other kinds of connections. (My second blog post now includes hyperlinks to articles or videos about the phenomena I reference there.) Looking forward to #OpenLearning17. See you soon, I’m sure.


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